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CuliAir is available for groups as well as individuals; for business as well as for private purposes.

Ticket price individual tickets € 550,00 (incl. VAT) | CuliAir package 'Sunset Sensation'

Separate tickets provide individuals with the opportunity of reserving one or several seats for the ‘Sunset Sensation’ package deal.

An exclusive dinner at star level, presented high up in the air at sunset by master chef Angélique Schmeinck. Throughout the balloon trip, live cooking takes place in full swing, and you will witness the spectacle of a hot air balloon turned into the convection oven that brought fame to CuliAir. You will feast on balloon-cooked Scottish lobster, coquilles Saint Jacques, wild sea bass, and country guinea-fowl. Each course is accompanied by a sublime wine.

Planned CuliAir trips

The custom-built CuliAir Restaurant Hot Air Balloon can accommodate up to ten persons. You will experience your balloon trip together with fellow passengers you do not know yet. Separate tickets can be reserved for scheduled dates.

*Separate tickets can only be obtained for the Sunset Sensation arrangement (evening flight).

The CuliAir package Sunset Sensation includes ...
Full culinary ballooning package deal
•Aperitif and finger food upon reception on the take-off plot
•Hot air balloon dinner with sublime wines
•Champagne baptism with champagne dessert at the landing site
•Varied ballooning trip (various altitudes) lasting an hour and a half on average
•CuliAir cap to protect against the heat of the burner
•Return trip to the take-off location


This CuliAir special is dedicated to the ‘Royal White Gold’, the asparagus. Enjoy a four-course menu with classic and adventurous asparagus dishes at a high level.
Like a cocktail of asparagus with langoustines, crémeux of asparagus with samphire and sea lavender, hot-air balloon braised leg of lamb with salsa verde. Combined with sublime wines.
After the landing we enjoy a colorful raspberry dessert in the meadow and a toast with rosé champagne.

Send a message via the contact form and we will keep you informed of dates.



CULIAIR NIGHT DINING EXPERIENCE | Culinary ballooning nightflight
So you've seen it all? Looking for an experience beyond the extraordinary? How about a ballooning trip in the dead of night? Taking to the skies in pitch darkness extends a whole new dimension to ballooning. The awe-inspiring tranquillity of gliding over sparkling village lights; the contours of a distant city slowly materialising on the horizon... Being the first to see the sun rise, watching as the world slowly wakes up in the orange glow of dawn... Meanwhile, of course, you will be savouring culinary delights. A choice selection of light dishes is served for you to enjoy while you watch the spectacle below unfold. An exclusive opportunity indeed, offered through the CuliAir Night Dining Experience.
Send a message via the contact form and we will keep you informed of dates.

Skydining…Culinary pleasure between heaven and earth!

Step aboard and experience the glorious views of colourful river forelands, rolling landscapes, and the silence above the clouds...