You are received at the take-off meadow to enjoy an aperitif and finger food. Meanwhile, the balloon is prepared for flight as the basket is arranged for kitchen purposes. When finished, the balloon is ready to head out for our adventure in the wide blue yonder. Step aboard and experience the glorious views of colourful river forelands, rolling landscapes, and the silence above the clouds as the sun sets in the west. View the photos of the many culinary balloon trips

The CuliAir ballooning trip lasts for approximately an hour and a half. This is longer than a regular flight, but the time is needed for a smooth presentation of the top-level dinner you are about to enjoy. During the flight, dishes are prepared à la minute.

Once we return to firm soil, it is time for your traditional champagne baptism and festive dessert. Subsequently, we will take you back you to the spot where we started the evening, allowing you to return home with your head still up in the clouds…

Join in and take to the skies for a once in a lifetime experience ‘with a view to kill’

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