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Spectacular dining at the world’s highest restaurant

Ballonvaren en bijzonder uit eten in Arnhem, Gelderland met CuliAir Skydining

Facing the setting sun, destination unknown, floating above cities, lakes, forests and meadows. A top notch wine in your glass while enjoying a luxury dinner, passionately prepared on the spot by a master chef. Culinary delights at an unprecedented height. Sounds like a movie? This spectacular experience is closer than you might think.

Dining at the very highest level

The Top Of The World Restaurant in Las Vegas, the restaurant at the top of the Ritz-Carlton skyscraper in Hong Kong and the Asiate Restaurant in New York. All are world-famous restaurants because of the high altitude at which dinner is served. Dining at these restaurants is spectacular, as the altitude can reach more than 400 meters.

But imagine going much higher, up to 2.5 kilometers into the air. Enjoy the finest flavor combinations, a culinary experience of the very highest level at high altitude. In a restaurant that offers dizzyingly beautiful views. It is also possible in Europe. What’s more, the highest restaurant in the world, is located in the Netherlands and is aptly named CuliAir.

CuliAir is a restaurant located in a hot air balloon. While the chef prepares the most beautiful dishes live, you can slowly ascend to a height from which the views are as unique as they are spectacular.

Spectaculair uit eten

The only hot air balloon restaurant in the world

While the Netherlands is also referred to as the low lands, this Dutch scoop comes from an unprecedented height. Never before has a restaurant been located in a hot air balloon. This makes it possible, for the first time in history, to eat at altitudes of up to 2.5 kilometers.

The basket of the hot air balloon is furnished as a restaurant. The tables are beautifully set with linen napkins, real glass and china. And to top it all off, the restaurant even has a sky bar. There, while enjoying a glass of wine, you can enjoy the most beautiful views the Netherlands has to offer.

Spectaculair dineren in hete luchtballon

Spectacular dining in a hot air balloon

The hot air balloon covers a distance of up to 30 kilometers per dinner and navigates between different altitudes during this journey. To be able to do that, the air in the balloon is heated. This heat is also used, with the aid of specially developed steel baskets, to cook the dishes at a constant temperature of about 90 degrees Celcius (194 Fahrenheit) at the top of the balloon. This creates a hot air oven that keeps the balloon at the right height while slowly cooking fish, meat and poultry.

A starred dinner between heaven and earth

It feels almost surreal when so many senses are stimulated simultaneously. While you enjoy an unimaginable view, your nose fills with the wonderful cooking aromas that are released. Because in the basket, Angélique Schmeinck, one of only two female SVH (highest culinary accolade nationally) master chefs in the Netherlands, treats you to her culinary skills. A live-cooking star dinner while you float between heaven and earth.

Bijzonder dineren met Angelique Schmeinck
Meet Dutch ladychef Angélique Schmeinck.

After the mooring lines have been loosened and the balloon has gently climbed to a nice height, it is first time for an exquisite glass of wine. While you enjoy the ever-changing landscape around you, the chef prepares a lobster cocktail. After about half an hour of floating, a spectacular moment arrives when the special wire baskets with sea bass, lamb and grouse are hoisted from the balloon.

The dishes are all presented with delicious sauce and garnishes. And while you enjoy this taste sensation, the balloon floats towards the setting sun.

Heavenly pleasure during a special occasion

A stellar dinner in a true hot air balloon restaurant is an experience fit for a special occasion, but it can also make any occasion special. Skydining is a popular way to celebrate anniversaries, company outings and birthdays, for example.

The moment the mooring lines are released and the hot air balloon takes off offers the chance to quietly get used to the altitude and observe the changing landscape. The setting sun and the silence at high altitude offer a unique and romantic setting where you can enjoy heavenly moments. While the unknown destination and landing offer an exciting and groundbreaking experience. The entire experience makes every occasion special.

An unforgettable experience and a story to tell

It is undoubtedly one of the experiences you will never forget. When, with the most exquisite wines and the most delicious dishes, you have been able to experience Holland at great height from above, it is a story that deserves to be told.

From the moment the mooring lines are untied, the balloon floats through the clouds and the sun comes shining towards you, you experience a limitless freedom that you can’t experience anywhere else. Enjoying a lobster cocktail in silence, you see the Dutch landscape stretching out as far as the eye can see. Dining in a hot air balloon offers you a spectacular experience that you will never forget.

Want to see more?

For lifestyle television programme Euromaxx, reporter Meggin Leigh wanted to experience it firsthand, resulting in a beautiful report.

In this video you will learn more about the workings and technical details of cooking 500 meters (1600 feet) above the ground. The way passengers enter the basket might surprise you. You will also find out about the intricacies of timing, wind and daylight, in order to arrange the best experience possible for guests. Angélique, and chief pilot Niels Kon and crew make it all seem so easy and swift, but a lot of effort and experience goes into providing an unforgettable experience.

Adventurous, exciting, breathtaking, unforgettable, enchanting, magical,…, words cannot do justice to describe the unique experience of the CuliAir balloon rides.

From the aperitif at the start, the three-course meal at high altitude to the summer dessert at the landing location, everything is arranged down to the last detail. A gourmet experience that will appease any foodie, while you enjoy an unforgettable sunset.

In short, a dream experience gift for every special occasion.

Be sure to include CuliAir into your trip to the Netherlands. Experience Holland in the most panoramic way possible. Book ahead of time. For scheduled flights, there is space for up to 10 persons per flight (excluding crew). It is also possible to charter a private flight for a minimum of 4 persons.

Do something different. Sure, Keukenhof, Windmills of Kinderdijk and Rijksmuseum are impressive and worthy of a visit. However, if you want to add an ingredient to your trip that will really drop jaws back home, then booking CuliAir is a no-brainer.

Accessibility? The Netherlands is relatively small in terms of geographical distances, is well connected and has a reliable public transport system that is affordable. It is easy to reach the take off locations from the capital with public transport and a short taxi ride. Approximately within an hour from Amsterdam you can embark on the one and only CuliAir Skydining experience.

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