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The most beautiful balloon flight in the world

Mooiste ballonvaart ter wereld

It is a beautiful summer evening. The sky is colored light orange by the setting sun. And in front of the sun, the silhouette of a hot air balloon floats gracefully by. Children point and the eyes of adults are raised for a moment. After all, who doesn’t look up in a dreamy way when a balloon glides by?

An imaginative experience

It is on many a bucket list and those who have never experienced it have probably wondered what it would be like. A trip in a hot air balloon appeals tremendously to the imagination. Much more so than a flight by airplane. Although both involve floating through the air, flying in an airplane is often about the destination. A hot air balloon ride is all about the flight.

Such a hot air balloon ride captures our imagination because it has been a part of us since childhood. We all pointed and looked up at the sky when a hot air balloon passed by. It’s almost magical the way such a large balloon seems to suddenly appear and sail by as determinedly as it does. Haven’t we all dreamed of such a balloon ride once, too? Wondered what it would be like?

Ballonvaart CuliAir

The most beautiful balloon ride in the world

And when the time finally comes for you to be in that balloon yourself, you want to enjoy it to the fullest. An average balloon ride lasts about an hour, so the experience will be over in no time. All the more reason not to choose just any balloon ride, but to choose the most beautiful balloon ride.

The most beautiful balloon ride in the world does not just last an hour, but an hour and a half. And that is for a good reason. On board this beautiful hot air balloon you will not only travel over the most beautiful Dutch landscapes. At the same time, you will make a culinary journey in a restaurant, where you can enjoy yourself at star level. You have plenty of time to enjoy all the beautiful dishes that are presented. You taste new flavors, you see Holland as you never saw it before. You experience an impressive silence, while you take in exquisite aromas. All this at a breathtaking altitude. With CuliAir you will make an unforgettable culinary dream trip. The most beautiful balloon flight in the world.

Imagine yourself in heaven

Just imagine it. You find yourself in an amazing restaurant, with a set skybar, linen napkins and shiny crockery. You have a fantastic glass of wine in your hand, while tasting a delicious lobster cocktail. Nearby, a true master chef is preparing a beautiful dish for you.

Beste ballonvaart Nederland

Best balloon flight in the Netherlands

And while you’re soaking up the delicious cooking smells, you look around you. You see a sunset and a beautiful golden glow. In the distance you hear birds, while below you see picturesque villages and vast meadows showing Holland at its most beautiful.

The silence at this altitude is one that we hardly experience anymore in our busy lives. You find yourself in a floating restaurant. The destination is unknown. It is the journey that is important today.

Combine the highest restaurant with the most beautiful balloon ride

With a brand new balloon starting in season 2021, you gradually ascend in a basket transformed into a food bar. As you ascend, you gradually get used to the increasing altitude. You’ll be short of eyes as the balloon sails along the most beautiful routes. Sometimes high above the clouds and sometimes low, just above the most beautiful villages, rivers and meadows.

Ballonvaart platteland dorpjes Nederland

Meanwhile, one of the only two female SVH master chefs (highest culinary accolade nationally) in the Netherlands prepares the most delicious dishes à la minute. Where you can already enjoy breathtaking views during a normal balloon ride, you can now combine that with a culinary adventure. You dine in the highest restaurant in the Netherlands. It is a spectacular experience when the special wire baskets with sea bass, lamb and grouse are hoisted from the balloon. After being slowly cooked at a constant temperature of about 90 degrees Celcius (194 Fahrenheit) in the top of the balloon, the dishes are beautifully presented.

Aperitief Culinair ballonvaren

A once in a lifetime experience

There is only one hot air balloon restaurant in the world and that restaurant floats above Dutch villages and meadows. Such a beautiful, almost surreal experience has never been so close. Whether you enjoy this experience romantically for two, or with an entire group to celebrate something: this unforgettable star dinner at high altitude will stay with you for the rest of your life. You will truly indulge all your senses during this once in a lifetime experience. Although, perhaps this dinner between heaven and earth deserves to be a twice-in-a-lifetime experience?

Want to see more?

For lifestyle television programme Euromaxx, reporter Meggin Leigh wanted to experience it firsthand, resulting in a beautiful report.

In this video you will learn more about the workings and technical details of cooking 500 meters (1600 feet) above the ground. The way passengers enter the basket might surprise you. You will also find out about the intricacies of timing, wind and daylight, in order to arrange the best experience possible for guests. Angélique, and chief pilot Niels Kon and crew make it all seem so easy and swift, but a lot of effort and experience goes into providing an unforgettable experience.

Adventurous, exciting, breathtaking, unforgettable, enchanting, magical,…, words cannot do justice to describe the unique experience of the CuliAir balloon rides.

From the aperitif at the start, the three-course meal at high altitude to the summer dessert at the landing location, everything is arranged down to the last detail. A gourmet experience that will appease any foodie, while you enjoy an unforgettable sunset.

In short, a dream experience gift for every special occasion.

Be sure to include CuliAir into your trip to the Netherlands. Experience Holland in the most panoramic way possible. Book ahead of time. For scheduled flights, there is space for up to 10 persons per flight (excluding crew). It is also possible to charter a private flight for a minimum of 4 persons.

Do something different. Sure, Keukenhof, Windmills of Kinderdijk and Rijksmuseum are impressive and worthy of a visit. However, if you want to add an ingredient to your trip that will really drop jaws back home, then booking CuliAir is a no-brainer.

Accessibility? The Netherlands is relatively small in terms of geographical distances, is well connected and has a reliable public transport system that is affordable. It is easy to reach the take off locations from the capital with public transport and a short taxi ride. Approximately within an hour from Amsterdam you can embark on the one and only CuliAir Skydining experience.

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