CuliAir Skydining provide culinary ballooning trips throughout all of the Netherlands. On the day of departure, we decide which area offers the best weather conditions, to have the best chances of carrying out the flight. In our experience, the middle and eastern areas of the country offer the greatest number of ballooning days, due to favourable wind and weather conditions.

The trajectory and distance covered by the CuliAir ballooning trip depend on wind strength and wind direction. We will bridge an approximate distance of ten to forty kilometres. You should count on at least four to five hours of pleasure, from reception in the take-off meadow, through top-level dining, to champagne baptism at the landing site.

Planning a take-off from your own preferred location is also an option. Please do take into account the expenses incurred for a non-recurrent take-off permit, which we will apply for at your local municipal authorities. Please contact us for a review of your options, free of commitment of course.

CuliAir provide culinary ballooning trips all through the year. Although the prime ballooning season lasts from April to October.


Step aboard and experience the glorious views of colourful river forelands, rolling landscapes, and the silence above the clouds

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