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Category : News

CuliAir celebrates its 20th anniversary

What started in 2003 as a creative idea has since grown into an unparalleled phenomenon. For 20 years, CuliAir, the world’s only hot-air balloon restaurant, has been soaring to new heights. Such an anniversary needs to be celebrated, but it also deserves a look back and a look forward. How could the Netherlands become home to the world’s highest restaurant and what are the secret ingredients of its success? And what will the 2023 season bring? The 20th anniversary year […]

Dutch Cuisine: proud of our Dutch food culture

French cuisine captures the imagination of many, as does Italian cuisine, for example. Often overlooked is the Dutch cuisine, which also offers a worthwhile culinary experience. The Netherlands is rich in beautiful products, both from the land and from the sea. In addition, the Netherlands has many age-old traditions. The combination between all the beauty that the Netherlands has to offer from the land and from the sea and the traditions that the Dutch have often maintained for generations makes […]

Ballonvaart open hemel CuliAir

When (and why) can a balloon flight not go ahead?

Who has not once gazed dreamily at the sky when, against a setting sun, the silhouette of a hot air balloon floats by. And if you stop to think about it, you will realise that all the times you saw such a hot air balloon pass by, it was mild, calm weather. Part of the magic of a hot air balloon is the fact that it is not powered by jet engines or propellers. A balloon floats through the air […]

Mooiste ballonvaart ter wereld

The most beautiful balloon flight in the world

It is a beautiful summer evening. The sky is colored light orange by the setting sun. And in front of the sun, the silhouette of a hot air balloon floats gracefully by. Children point and the eyes of adults are raised for a moment. After all, who doesn’t look up in a dreamy way when a balloon glides by? An imaginative experience It is on many a bucket list and those who have never experienced it have probably wondered what […]

Ballonvaren en bijzonder uit eten in Arnhem, Gelderland met CuliAir Skydining

Spectacular dining at the world’s highest restaurant

Facing the setting sun, destination unknown, floating above cities, lakes, forests and meadows. A top notch wine in your glass while enjoying a luxury dinner, passionately prepared on the spot by a master chef. Culinary delights at an unprecedented height. Sounds like a movie? This spectacular experience is closer than you might think. Dining at the very highest level The Top Of The World Restaurant in Las Vegas, the restaurant at the top of the Ritz-Carlton skyscraper in Hong Kong […]