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CuliAir Skydining - a deliciously unorthodox adventure in the world's only hot air balloon restaurant...
Taking to the skies gently as a breeze, dining with top wines between heaven and earth, floating out into the infinite... Is this enjoyment at its height? Definitely!


In 2003, Angélique Schmeinck - one of the only two Dutch female master chefs - has a dream. Preparing exquisite dishes  in a hot air balloon ride, using the balloon as a huge convection oven. Her idea turned out not to be full of hot air.

It started off as a wild idea, which soon crystallised into a solid plan. Never just let them get away, these crazy ideas, because just like this one, they may just prove to work! So is the heat inside the balloon sufficient for cooking? It certainly is! With a volume of 10.000 cubic metres and a height of 50 metres, a balloon can function as an enormous convection oven. Internal balloon temperatures may rise to around 100 degrees Celsius, which in kitchen terms means that food can be cooked slowly at ‘low’ temperatures. This is the perfect technique for aroma development and for preserving the juices in fish or meat dishes.

The idea is as simple as it is spectacular. Using an ingenious pulley construction, the dishes are transported to the crown of the balloon envelope in special-purpose steel oven baskets. After cooking, dishes are hoisted down to the specially arranged kitchen, where they receive a live cooking finish to perfection with crisp vegetables and a delicious sauce.

Temperature sensors line the interior of the balloon, which can be inspected from the kitchen basket during flight. This allows the chef to determine exactly whether dishes should be slightly lowered or raised over the heat source in order to achieve a perfect result. The finished dishes are presented in style, and guests are able to enjoy both taste and view from the outboard skybar.

Presently, the sky bound spectacle, the original preparing method, and the total experience of  culinary ballooning have made their way to a growing audience hungry for more.


Angelique Schmeinck works together with recognized balloon companies for her CuliAir balloon trips. In different regions of the Netherlands.

We provide culinary ballooning trips all through the year. Although the prime ballooning season lasts from May to the end of September.

CuliAir Skydining is available for groups as well as individuals… for business as well as for private purposes. This custom-built hot air balloon, transformed into a restaurant and kitchen, is suited to accommodate from 6 to 10 persons.

CuliAir is also specialized in performing trips for larger companies, by means of dining experiences featuring several balloons simultaneously.
We love to provide tailor-made programmes that fit your demands.

It is our pleasure to facilitate any special wishes or particulars for our guests.
Please contact us for a programme tailored to your wishes.

Unique experience

Culinary pleasure between heaven and earth...

Are you looking to find a truly unique experience? Are you aiming for an original way to surprise business relations, or to celebrate a milestone event or anniversary? Give your project a flying start or launch a new product at full force? Culinary ballooning is a great opportunity to take matters to new heights.

CuliAir Sky Dining

A ‘once in a life time experience’ in the world's only hot air balloon restaurant ‘with a view to kill’!